The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

Coz' sometimes you feel guilty for using jQuery.

anime.js: A animation engine

Anime.js is a lightweight animation library with a simple, yet powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects.

Sticky-js: Set sticky elements

Sticky-js is a simple library for set sticky elements. It's also responsive.

Sal.js: Scroll animation library

A performance focused, lightweight scroll animation library

yall.js: Yet Another Lazy Loader

A fast, flexible, and small image lazy loader!

apexcharts.js: Chart with simple API

A modern JavaScript charting library to build interactive charts and visualizations with simple API.

Tobi: Simple lightbox

A light-weight and open source lightbox script with no dependencies.

Glide: Modern ES6 slider and carousel

Glide.js is a dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel.

Choices.js: Configurable select box/text input

Choices.js is a configurable select box/text input plugin. Similar to Select2 and Selectize but without the jQuery dependency.

Blotter.js: Unconventional text effects

A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web

Croppie: An Image Cropper

Croppie is a fast, easy to use image cropping plugin with rotate, resize and circular shape cropping options!

Draggable: Drag & Drop library

Draggable is a lightweight, responsive, modern drag & drop library made by the Shopify team

X-Ray: Show / hide password

X-Ray is a small plugin that lets users toggle password visibility in forms.

Drop: Simple and mobile-friendly dropdown menus

Drop is a very simple plugin to put dropdown on your website. Works well on mobile and with keyboard.

ScrollReveal: Show & hide on scroll

ScrollReveal.js is a tidy scroll reveal library for showing and hiding things on desktop and mobile.

CountUp.js : Animate counters

CountUp.js is a lightweight plugin to quickly create animations that display numerical data

dropmic: Dropdown plugin

dropmic is a lightweight dropdown plugin written in pure ES6 javascript

Trianglify.js: Polygon art generator

Trianglify is a customizable polygon mesh generator with support for HTML canvas, SVG and PNG.

Tribute.js: @Mention engine

Tribute.js is a native ES6 mention engine triggered by the @ symbol.

Type.js: Typography tools

Type.js allows you better control over web typography including kerning, rag and widow adjustments.

Underscore.js: Helper library

Underscore.js is a helper library for functions such as each, map, reduce and filter.

Validatinator.js: Form validation

Validatinator is a bare-bones form validation library.

Validator.js: String validation

Validator.js sanitizes and validates strings based on a configurable library of criteria.

VanillaModal.js: Modal windows

VanillaModal.js is a bare-bones modal window library written in ES6.

Velocity.js: Animation library

Velocity.js is a bountiful animation library full of pre-programmed easings.
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