The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

Coz' sometimes you feel guilty for using jQuery.

Vivus.js: SVG animation

Vivus.js progressively animates the stroke property of your SVG with custom easings.

Wallop.js: Mobile first slider

Wallop.js is a mobile first content slider that utilizes CSS transitions, progressive enhancement and keyboard shortcuts.

Waypoints.js: Trigger on scroll

Waypoints.js is a library for triggering functions on scroll.

WebGazer.js: Webcam eye tracking

WebGazer.js is an eye tracking library which tracks eye position relative to the screen.

Popmotion.js: Animation engine

Popmotion.js is a great animation engine/library that supports tweening, svg morphing, svg drawing, element staggering and support for three.js.

Popper.js: Tooltip library

Popper.js is a tooltip library that allows you to build spatially aware tooltips with programmable boundaries.

ProgressBar.js: SVG progress bars

ProgressBar.js allows you to create and animate responsive SVG progress bars.

Push.js: Desktop push notifications

Push.js is a push notification library for all modern browsers with graceful fallbacks for older unsupported browsers.

Quill.js: WYSIWYG text editor

Quill.js is a well supported rich text WYSIWYG editor.

RandomColor.js: Color generator

RandomColor.js is a random color generator which generates only brighter, more visually pleasing colors.

Rellax.js: Parallax scrolling

Rellax.js is a lightweight parallax scrolling library for desktop browsers.

Reqwest.js: Ajax API

Reqwest.js is a http request library with support for xmlHttpRequest, JSONP, CORS, and CommonJS Promises.

Rome.js: Date & time picker

Rome.js is a customizable date and time picker.

ScrollTrigger.js: Animate on scroll

ScrollTrigger.js fires animations on HTML elements as you scroll via CSS classes.

Seen.js: 3D scenes

Seen.js is a library for rendering simple 3D scenes as HTML canvas and SVG.

Segment.js: Animate SVG paths

Segment.js is a simple library for animating SVG paths.

Select.js: Styleable dropdowns

Select.js is a library for generating customizable select dropdowns.

Shepherd.js: Guided notifications

Shepherd.js guides users through your web application with programmable steps and instructions.

SnapSVG.js: SVG animation library

SnapSVG.js is a creative SVG animation library that allows you to add motion and life to SVG's.

Socialite.js: Social sharing buttons

Socialite.js is a library for adding asynchronous social buttons.

Sortable.js: Sortable content

Sortable.js is a drag and drop library for re-ordering HTML content.

Spin.js: Customizable loader animation

Spin.js creates efficient loader animations on the fly with HTML and CSS keyframes.

Starability.css: Star ratings

Starability.css is an accessible star rating library with optional CSS animations.

SweetAlert.js: Alert replacement

SweetAlert.js is a refreshing take on the default browser alert window.
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