The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

Coz' sometimes you feel guilty for using jQuery.

SweetAlert2.js: Alert replacement

SweetAlert2.js is a supported fork of the original SweetAlert.js. SweetAlert.js is a refreshing take on the default browser alert window.

Swiper.js: Mobile first slider

Swiper.js is a comprehensive mobile first slider library with native IOS behaviour.

Timesheet.js: Generate timesheets

Timesheet.js is a library for generating visual timesheets from JSON arrays.

Tingle.js: Modal windows

Tingle.js is a modal window library powered by CSS transitions.

TinyMCE.js: WYSIWYG Text editor

TinyMCE.js is a WYSIWYG text editor packed with features which supports textareas and other HTML elements.

Tooltip.js: Tooltip library

Tooltip.js is a simple accessibility focused tooltip library from the team at Frend.

iPhoneInlineVideo.js: Mobile IOS inline video

iPhoneInlineVideo.js allows you to play IOS mobile videos inline by preventing Safari's automatic fullscreen functionality.

IsMobile.js: Mobile detection

IsMobile.js is a mobile detection library for phones and tablets with support for specific model detection.

Isotope.js: Masonry layout

Isotope.js is a responsive masonry layout library with options for sorting and filtering.

Jump.js: Smooth scroll

Jump.js is a smooth scroll library with support for callbacks and custom easings.

Kajero.js: Content editable markdown

Kajero.js is a markdown document library that's completely content editable on the frontend. Kajero.js also allows you to visualize and execute code blocks within your markdown.

Keymaster.js: Keyboard shortcuts

Keymaster.js allows you to define and execute custom keyboard shortcuts in your web page or web app.

LazySizes.js: Image lazy loading

LazySizes.js is an SEO friendly image lazy loading library.

LightenseImages.js: Image zoom

LightenseImages.js is simple image zoom library inspired by Medium's Zoom.js.

List.js: Search, sort, filter

List.js allows you to add search, sort and filter functionality to your lists, tables and HTML.

Lory.js: Mobile first slider

Lory.js is a touch enabled slider written in ES6.

LoudLinks.js: Interaction sounds

LoudLinks.js plays audio from .MP3 and .OGG on DOM element interaction.

LPology.js: Drag & drop uploads

LPology.js is a drag and drop style frontend file uploader with upload progress and file previews.

Mark.js: Keyword highlighter

Mark.js is a search term highlighting library useful for marking search terms and regular expressions on the fly.

MediumEditor.js: WYSIWYG text editor

MediumEditor.js is a great looking rich text editor based on

Microlight.js: Code highlighting

Microlight.js is a compact code snippet highlighter.

Minigrid.js: Masonry layout

Minigrid.js is a responsive masonry grid layout library.

Mo.js: Animation library

Mo.js is a motion graphics library geared towards the serious interaction developer.

Nanobar.js: Progress bar

Nanobar.js is a progress/loading bar library suitable for page transitions.
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