The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

Coz' sometimes you feel guilty for using jQuery.

noUiSlider.js: Range slider

noUiSlider.js is a configurable range slider for mobile and desktop browsers.

Parallax.js: Parllax motion engine

Parallax.js reacts to the orientation of your smartphone and gyroscope or browser cursor.

Particles.js: Particle generator

Particles.js is a library for creating and customizing animated particles.

Photoswipe.js: Image gallery

Photoswipe.js is a comprehensive image gallery with an internal lazy loading library, clever position awareness transitions and modal gallery.

Pikaday.js: Date picker

Pikaday.js is a minimalistic and styleable date picker.

Pixi.js: 2D WebGL rendering engine

Pixi.js is a light, powerful 2D renderer that makes it easy to work with WebGL.

Places.js: Address search autocomplete

Algolia Places.js is a powerful address search autocomplete library.

Plyr.js: HTML video player

Plyr.js is an HTML5 video player library with out the box support for YouTube and Vimeo media.

BWIP.js: Barcode generator

BWIP.js (Barcode Writer in Pure Javascript) is a barcode generator with support for over 90 types and standards.

C3.js: Responsive charts

C3.js is an animatable responsive data chart library built on D3.js.

Chart.js: Responsive charts

Chart.js is an animatable responsive chart library that utilizes and renders HTML5 Canvas.

Chartist.js: Responsive charts

Chartist.js is an animatable responsive chart library that utilizes and renders SVG's.

Classie.js: Class helper

Classie.js allows you to easily add, remove and check for CSS classes.

Cleave.js: Format Input text

Cleave.js formats form inputs on the fly and really shines when it comes to credit card, phone number and date fields.

Clusterize.js: Optimize large data sets

Clusterize.js is library that efficiently optimizes your data when dealing with large lists of data in the DOM.

ContentTools.js: WYSIWYG text editor

ContentTools.js is a customizable content editor with support to modify content blocks throughout your web page.

Custombox.js: Modal windows

Custombox.js is a modal window library bundled with neat CSS transitions.

DateFns.js: Date functions

DateFns.js is a date utility library with support for functions such as isPast, distanceInWordsToNow and differenceInDays.

DialogModal.js: Modal windows

DialogModal.js is a simple accessibility focused modal window library from the team at Frend.

Dragula.js: Drag and drop library

Dragula.js is a nifty little drag & drop library useful for re-ordering lists vertically and horizontally.

Drift.js: Zoom on hover

Drift.js adds customizable zoom on hover functionality to your images.

Dropzone.js: Drag & drop uploads

Dropzone.js is a drag and drop style frontend file uploader with upload progress and file previews.

Dynamics.js: Animation library

Dynamics.js is an animation library packaged with default easings such as spring, bounce and gravity.

Elevator.js: Scroll top library

Elevator.js is a satisfying scroll top library that gracefully plays elevator music as it returns you to the top of the page.
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