The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

Coz' sometimes you feel guilty for using jQuery.

Flatpickr.js: Date picker

Flatpickr.js is a lightweight date and time picker.

Grafi.js: Image processing

Grafi.js is an image processing library with support for invert, contrast, posterize and blur adjustments.

GreenSock.js: Animation library

GreenSock.js (also GSAP, TweenMax) is an animation library built to animate anything in any browser.

Headroom.js: Toggle header on scroll

Headroom.js saves you precious screen real estate by showing and hiding your header as you scroll.

Holmes.js: Filter page content by search

Holmes.js allows you to show & hide or filter page content on the fly by keyword search.

Horsey.js: Search autocomplete

Horsey.js is a customizable autocomplete library with support for ajax, suggestions, key pairs, custom HTML rendering, textarea and dropdown lists.

Iconate.js: Icon transformation library

Iconate.js is a library for transforming/morphing one icon into another with custom easings.

Impress.js: Presentation library

Impress.js is a presentation library powered by keyboard shortcuts and optimised CSS transitions.

IntenseImages.js: Image zoom

IntenseImages.js is an image zoom library with cursor awareness functionality for very large images.

Anime.js: Animation library

Anime.js is a lightweight animation library for use with HTML, SVG and JS Objects.

AnyPixel.js: Interactive displays

AnyPixel.js is a library for building physical interactive displays by Google Creative Lab.

AOS.js: Animate on scroll

AOS.js animates elements as you scroll with CSS transitions.

Autocomplete.js: Search autocompletion

Algolia Autocomplete.js is a highly customisable real time auto-complete library.

Awesomplete.js: Search autocomplete

Awesomplete.js is a customizable autocomplete library with support for suggestions, ajax, tags and dropdowns.

BackgroundCheck.js: Check image brightness

BackgroundCheck.js checks the brightness of background images and automatically sets the color of foreground elements.

BaguetteBox.js: Modal windows

BaguetteBox.js is a responsive modal window library with gallery support.

Balloon.css: Tooltip library

Balloon.css is a simple pure CSS tooltip library.

Bideo.js: Fullscreen background video

Bideo.js creates responsive background video on either a container or the document body.

Blazy.js: Image lazy loading

Blazy.js lazy loading and multi-serving images.

Bounce.js: Transition animation library

Bounce.js is a CSS powered transition library by Tictail. Choose from masterfully pre-programmed effects like jelly, splat and smack.

Bricks.js: Masonry layout

Bricks.js is a super fast responsive masonry layout generator with only the essentials.
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